5 Things Home Sellers Should Expect From Their Agent

Since, for most Americans, their home’s value, represents their single – biggest, financial asset, when a homeowner, decides to sell his house, shouldn’t the real estate agent, he hires, make the process, easier, more efficient and effective, and less hassle, while seeking to garner, the highest possible price available, in the shortest period of time, and, with a minimum of hassle? With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly examine, consider, and discuss, 5 things, home sellers should expect, and must demand, from the professional, he hires, to represent his best interest.

1. Integrity: You can train people to learn certain skills, and if they study, and take it seriously, they should be able to acquire the degree of knowledge, and hopefully, transform it, to usable wisdom! However, unlike these things, integrity is not taught, but rather a behavior, which must be absolute, or it means little. You should expect and demand, the agent you hire, tells you, not only what you want to hear, but what you need to know, and does so, with the utmost sincerity and integrity. He must not lie, or make any material misstatements!

2. Loyalty: Legally, morally, and ethically, a real estate licensed salesperson, must provide the utmost degree of loyalty, to his client. He must tell the truth, and explain honestly, but must maintain his fiduciary responsibility to protect the homeowner’s personal situation, and to avoid informing others of non – material matters, which are not in his client’s best interests!

3. Negotiations: How do you know, how well someone will negotiate on your behalf? Begin by listening effectively, and carefully, when you interview potential representatives, and do they listen more, or speak? Do they discuss benefits, or merely features? Do they clearly explain, what, and how, they are the best agent, for you? When the dreaded – commissions, discussion occurs, can they defend and justify, what they are asking for, in a compelling way, and do they do so, by showing how they provide value, etc. After all, if an agent can’t defend what he considers his value, how will he effectively negotiate, on your behalf?

4. Marketing: Discuss the marketing plan, and how you will work together, as a team, towards the common goal! What will the agent do, and why? How will he market, in ways, others, might not do, as well?

5. Faithful to you: In the end result, hire someone who convinces you, by words and deeds, he is faithful to you, and puts your best interests first!

Homeowners, you owe it to yourself, to carefully interview, and hire the best agent, for you. The 5 things, listed above, are the minimum, you must demand, and deserve to receive, from the agent, you hire!

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