6 Things A Real Estate Agent Should Provide To His Clients

When one makes the very significant difference, to attempt to sell his home, a very important, first – step, should be, to interview several potential agents, and hire the one, he believes, will best serve his personal needs, goals, and priorities. While it is obvious, perhaps, for most people, the objectives of a homeowner, are usually, getting the best, possible price, in the least amount of time, with the least degree of hassle/ stress. In order to have a better chance, to achieve one’s objectives, it’s important to realize, these 6 things, a real agent, should provide, to his clients.

1. Responsive: Seek, and hire, someone, who emphasizes and prioritizes, being responsive, in all aspects of his representation. How quickly does the agent, respond to, and reply, to telephone calls (return missed calls)? Play – act, with your prospective agent, to see, how they actually, set appointments, and ask, when the agent arrives (how far in advance). Will you representative, create the inspiring methods and techniques, to garner as many qualified showings, as possible? How quickly will he answer your questions and/ or concerns, and how thoroughly? Will he provide regularly, scheduled, updates, etc?

2. Fiduciary/ serve you: How will each individual, you interview, explain how he will, protect your fiduciary needs, goals, and priorities, as well as respect your privacy? Opt for someone, whose focus, is, consistently, on serving you, and your needs, because you are their client. Hire the right person, for you, and your needs!

3. Marketing system: How will your agent, create, introduce, and implement, the best, customized, marketing system, for your particular house, and your specific needs, and prioritizes? Have each individual, you consider, explain his system, and reasons, and be certain, the system, is customized, and not, merely, the same – old, same – old!

4. Explain fully, and discuss: The individual, you hire, should be ready, willing, able, and eager to fully explain all relevant issues, and discuss them thoroughly, not to his satisfaction, but to yours! No question or concern, should ever be considered minor, if it stresses, you!

5. Bring meeting – of – the – minds: You’ve got to know when to hold them, know when to fold them, are the lyrics of a famous song. Quality representation means focusing on quality negotiating, and the ability to recognize, when one must push, the prospective buyer, to try to raise, the price, and when, it’s time to accept a reasonable offer. No one benefits from greed, or lack of insight!

6. Closing ability; enhance result of transaction: The difference between selling and simply, being, in sales, is the ability to close the deal, effectively, and comprehensively! Every effort must be focused on enhancing the overall results, and entire period of the real estate transaction!

These are not the only 6 things to look for, but are, obviously, important ones. Since for most people, their house represents their single – biggest asset, doesn’t it make sense, to hire the right real estate agent, for you, and your needs and situation?

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