Qualities Of A SMART Real Estate Agent

In most regions of this country, a homeowner, seeking to sell his house, as well as a qualified buyer, seeking the right home, for his situation, have the choice of a large number of real estate agents, licensed and working, in his area. Since, for the vast majority of Americans, their house’s value, represents their single – biggest, financial asset, doesn’t it make sense, to choose wisely? Doing so, means, carefully interviewing several, asking meaningful, relevant questions, and determining, if the individual, you hire, is the right, and best one, for you! You need a SMART real estate professional, who puts you first, and will obtain the results, you seek and desire. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, examine, consider, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, some of the necessary components, and considerations.

1. System; strengths; suggestions; seek: The process must start with discussing, carefully, and thoroughly, what you seek, and, understanding, the realities, so you can use the strengths, to your best advantage. If you’re selling, this means, realistically pricing and marketing your house, and if you’re buying, requires knowing what you need, want, and can afford! Choose an agent, who makes meaningful, relevant suggestions, and introduces, the best system, to get you, your best results!

2. Marketing; motivating: Home sellers must understand, homes must be marketed, properly, in order to motivate, potential qualified buyers, to consider, your present home, to be, their future one! Agents must be willing to explain to clients, the realities of marketing, competition, etc, in order to effectively, serve, and represent their clients.

3. Attention; assets: A house is an important, valuable asset, and, therefore, before one buys, a home, he should closely pay keen attention, to details, and evaluate his needs, desires, goals, priorities, reasons, and personal motivations, in choosing a home, as well as his financial abilities, and comfort zone.

4. Resources; region; relevant; responsive: How a real estate professional, takes advantage of all the resources, available, often determines, whether, his client, will be served, as effectively, as possible! Is this the best region/ area, for this individual’s situation? Does it address the true, relevant needs, of the client? Can someone comfortably afford, to live there? Hire an agent, who prioritizes, you, and is extremely responsive to your needs, and questions/ concerns!

5. Trends; timely: You need to be represented by someone, who knows, understands, and effectively uses, and takes advantage of current trends, in marketing, competition, etc. You deserve someone, who prioritizes, well – considered, relevant, timely action!

Hire a SMART agent, for any, and all, real estate needs! It’s what you deserve, and should expect!

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