The 5 S, Approach, To Finding Your Home

We often discuss, items, such as financial and fiscal awareness, and preparedness, needed and necessary, and wise, for someone, considering purchasing a home, of their own, to consider. While common sense, indicates, these are essential, etc, they are not the only considerations. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly consider, examine, review and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what, I refer to, as the essential, 5 S’s of buying the right house, for you, and your best interests. After more than a decade, as a Real Estate Licensed Salesperson, in the State of New York, I have come, to highly recommend, to qualified, potential home buyers, other relevant considerations, so they might better enjoy, living in their own house.

1. Size: What size house, are you looking for? Have you examined and considered, the reasons, you are looking for that? While bigger houses, might be more spacious, and attractive, they are also harder, and more expensive to maintain, and take care of. Size should review, both, the interior of the house, as well as exterior (the size of the property). Will you be maintaining the grounds, yourself, or hiring someone? Either way, you should pay attention, and balance, your personal comfort zone, needs, finances, abilities, etc. How many bedrooms do you want, and need, and what size,will fit your needs, and expectations? Consider the size of the kitchen, bathrooms, and other living space, as well.

2. Shape: Does the particular house have a regular or irregular shape, as a whole, as well, as it pertains to specific rooms? For example, those purchasing a standard, Cape – style house, should realize, the rooms, upstairs, will have pitched ceilings, and, often, irregular rooms, and odd- size and shaped areas. Is that a plus, or a minus, for you?

3. Service: Too many home buyers, purchase based on emotions, and often, ignore, whether a particular house, will serve your present, as well as foreseeable, future needs? A house must service, your necessities, or it’s probably not right, for you!

4. Sustainable: Are the materials, sustainable, and how important, is sustainability, the environment, and future considerations? For some, this is essential, while, for others, far less, so!

5. Strengths: Every house, and property, has, both, strengths and weaknesses. Weigh these carefully, in terms of affordability, condition, and the other items, mentioned above. Be prepared!

A wide home buyer, pays attention to the 5 S‘s. Are you prepared for the responsibilities of owning a house?

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