Best and Most Cost-Efficient Renovation Techniques

Home staging experts generally caution homeowners regarding extravagant or expensive renovation costs incurred in their home staging plans, especially for those with limited finances or who are looking to downsize on their current expenses by selling their larger home, in order to move to a smaller, more practical dwelling. After all, with the right choices and detailed planning, you will be able to update the overall appearance of your property without having to spend exorbitant amounts of money for renovations and upgrades.

In addition to the cost, renovations can also take time to finish, and not every one with a home for sale in the market has the time or budget to sustain renovation plans. If you need to update certain areas of your home, or if fixtures and furniture accessories already need upgrading, you can choose simple, budget-friendly renovation techniques that don’t cost a fortune but do their fair share in transforming your home from ordinary to extraordinary.

Here are some renovation techniques that are easy on the wallet:

  • Hit up your local vintage/antique stores. When you go to local antique or vintage stores, you are more than likely to find charming furniture pieces or accent d├ęcor for different areas of your home. The unique designs also give contrast or balance to your home staging plans. In particular, antique pieces of furniture or fixtures will add character to your property.
  • Small DIY projects do a whole lot. Instead of buying all-new sofas and chairs, slip-on covers or new cushions and pillows will make them look fresh and contemporary. For dining tables, coffee tables, or desks, a fresh coat of paint or varnish makes them look brand new again.
  • Mirrors add an illusion of space to the area. Room extensions or expansions are not always possible, so if you want to make a room or area of the house seem bigger than it actually is, think about adding strategically located mirrors for a sense of space or depth to the area. If they are positioned right and reflect light, they also make the room come alive
  • The right lighting emphasizes your home’s ambiance. Lighting updates are relatively affordable and easy to install, so they should be maximized by homeowners who need easy home updates. Table lamps, floor lamps, and wall lamps in the right corners and spaces make a room cozier and more welcoming, while also being functional.
  • Creative storage options abound. In home staging, your property needs to be as decluttered as possible, so keep as much as you can out of view. Use creative storage options for storing stuff that you don’t necessarily want potential buyers to see, but still utilize daily. Options would include elegant-looking ottomans or brightly-colored, modern cabinets and storage shelves.

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