Knowing Home Staging Versus Decorating

Decorating and home staging are two terms that are often interchanged as if they are synonymous with one another. Though both are essential in improving the aesthetic appeal of a home, the two are not exactly identical.

With home decorating, the home owner is free to impart his personal preferences when it comes to colors, arrangements, order, location of furniture, so and so forth. In general, the main goal of decorating a house is to showcase the owner’s lifestyle to other people.

Home staging also showcases lifestyle, but not of the owner. Its primary goal is to let potential buyers have a clear grasp or perhaps perception of the lifestyle that awaits them in the house. It focuses on arriving at a fresh and inviting look with mild accents to personal taste.

One of the greatest questions posed by many home owners is anchored on the differing tastes and preferences of individuals. What looks great for them may not be satisfying to their potential buyers. Through home staging, a home owner should strive to come out with a house that is inviting, functional, and orderly. It is important to focus on how to get these results rather than on exuding your personal preferences.

When we speak of staying away from personal preferences, it doesn’t mean that your house should be dull. Remember it should be refreshing and inviting. Settling for simple and cool colors can help a lot. You can always pick inspirations from magazines showcasing the latest trends when it comes to neutral color schemes.

For the bedrooms, one must remember to depersonalize it. Remove things that will be distractions for the potential buyers to visualize what it feels to lay down on the bed and see their personal stuff around them. Use color palettes that are cool on the eyes. Make potential buyers remember the bedrooms for their inviting setting and not for extras that reminds them of your personal style.

Through home staging, you can emphasize on unique architectural elements of the house by staying simple and true to the functions of such things. For instance, you can stage the area under the stairs as a reading nook by putting a table, a chair, and a light source. You would be decorating the area if you are to put personal stuff such as framed photos or certificates. Thus, this is a big home staging no-no.

To conclude, home staging is not all about you. It’s about your buyers. During this process, you should think as if you are the buyer and not the home owner.

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