Staging A Home For Maximum Effect

Most people are very proud of their homes. They have taken a great amount to time to buy particular paintings, accessories, and furniture to express the way they feel. The color of the walls and curtains, yard furniture and even the mailbox can denote a certain style. However, when selling your home all of these things can be value killers. Studies have shown the best-selling homes are not plain, but are generic.

When you are trying to learn what sells a house people will often overlook some of the simpler things that appeal to most buyers. No matter what the reason for the staging it is important that everything is neat, because neatness always counts. Have you ever looked at pictures of a home and instead of neat you see dirty dishes, messy rooms, uncleaned bathroom and kitchen areas, or even just general clutter? Did you want to look at that home anymore? No, of course not. The first step of staging is to ensure that the home is clean and tidy.

The next thing will be to take down the family wall of fame that most people have. This is the wall, or hallway, that is covered in family photos, school pictures, trophies, etc and are all very personal and will not help you sell your house in the least. These might be some of your most cherished possessions but you have to remember this is not your home any longer. You are trying to sell it you must always keep this in mind now. These types of items should be packed away and not put anywhere that a potential buyer will see them. Remember generic is what people are looking for not your personal items.

The kitchen and bathroom are usually the first two rooms that people look at when they first set foot in the home. Staging for these rooms can include updating the fixtures or appliances. Refacing the cabinets is a cheap alternative to totally replacing them. Making sure that the countertops and grout are properly, and professionally, cleaned will also make a very big impact on most potential buyers that come by.

Make sure that all of the rooms are as generic as possible. Unless the room is big enough for a library or study try and avoid selling the room as an office. Unless this room has a door leading to the outside you should sell it as a bedroom. Make sure that your bedrooms are as generic as possible. Items that went in the nursery should be removed. An attic or finished basement can be appealing to some people but to others it could be a big turn off. You want to have the potential buyer want to bring their clothes and other personal belongings into the home and start living in the house. That is how you sell a house.

The mailbox, the yard and the landscape are the first invitations a potential buyer will see. A sturdy mailbox that is nicely painted or enclosed in a protective cover is inviting. A yard that is neat and trimmed will look maintenance free. Flower beds, trees, and shrubs should be mulched around and free of weeds and debris. If they never come inside the home, you will not be able to sell your house.

A nice patio or deck can either make or break a deal. People want to be able to enjoy their Saturday morning coffee on their open airy deck. Loose boards, cracked and chipped concrete, or other unsightly things should be fix or removed entirely. If you have a pool make sure that it is clean, sanitary, and properly fenced to ensure that you do not have unwanted guest. For most people an above ground, or in-ground, pool would be considered a luxury item and then for others they see it as an accident waiting to happen. Make the area as safe and secure as possible to help ensure that people that come to look at the house see the pool area as a plus and not a minus.

Remember, if you stage the home to invite the buyer to want to stay immediately, you will make a sale!

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