Is The Office Right For You?

Whether you are a new business, an existing business or a growing business having the right office is a big element of the businesses success.

When picking an office for your business it’s got to be perfect for everyone within the business, not just for you, you don’t want unhappy workers in an office they aren’t happy in because this could lead to lack of work or even employees leaving the business and going somewhere else.

Not only could the wrong office cost you employees, but it could also cost you clients. If your office isn’t in the right location and the office it’s nice itself this could lead to potential clients not wanting to work with you. As a business this isn’t something you want, the more clients the better because this means more money which can go towards employee bonus’ which will keep them happy and motivated or you could use it to reinvest back in to the business to help you grow and expand the company.

Before signing any agreement with a landlord or office manger it is important to ask yourself these questions:

  1. Is there room for my company to grow? All businesses want to become bigger and better whether it be straight away or in the long run. So it is important to know you have either enough space for more people or are in a contract for a set amount of time for you to be ready to grow within.
  2. Is it the right location for my main employees? You need an office in a location which is good access to all your employees.
  3. Is the location of the office suitable for clients? Is the office in an area with good transport links and will be somewhere clients will be happy and willing to visit.
  4. Does the office send the right signals? If the office doesn’t feel right at first don’t think it will feel right further down the line.
  5. Are there any hidden costs? Will the office have an hidden costs that may creep up and put a whole in your bank account.
  6. What is the parking situation like? You and your employees want to know they can park in a safe place which is free and close to the office.
  7. Would I consider sharing an office? Would you want another business sharing an office with you or do you want your own personal space for you and your company?
  8. How secure is the lease/rental rate? Make sure it is a set rate which is being rented to you.

The office has got to be in the best location for your business to ensure it is successful, so think before actually renting any old office. It’s important!

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