Renting An Apartment In A Big City – Advantages and Disadvantages

The prospect of renting an apartment in the city can be both exciting and a little intimidating. If it is something that you are considering, it is important that you take the time to carefully consider your options before you commit to anything in writing.

There are a number of advantages and disadvantages associated with making this sort of move, so here we will take a look at some of each so that you can make your decision armed with a little bit of extra information.


One of the biggest advantages of renting an apartment in the big city is that it is generally a lot cheaper than trying to buy a house, particularly if you are moving for the first time in an effort to be closer to work or to simply strike out on your own. The prices of housing in any major city will be inflated to reflect the popularity of the area, so renting an apartment is often the most cost-effective solution.

Furthermore, you will be able to reduce your costs further by looking for a place that has a number of amenities in place. This will usually mean seeking out a decent apartment complex, but if the building has washing machines and other features, you can cut down on the smaller costs in life quite considerably.

This also goes for maintenance, as owning a house means taking responsibility for everything that is inside the house. If the boiler breaks down or a lock breaks, you will be responsible for replacing it, which can negatively impact your budget. When living in the city, this can be a major problem and it is one that is remedied if you choose to rent an apartment instead.


You will often have to give up some of your privacy in order to live in an apartment, as you may find that you can hear your neighbours through the walls. You will also encounter them much more often when going to and fro in the building, which may not be ideal for people who value having their own space as much as possible.

It is also rare to find apartments that allow you to keep pets on a general level, and practically impossible in the big city. Pets are usually banned entirely from apartment complexes because of the mess that they are capable of making and the fact that they will often disturb residents. However, if you are not a pet person this can also be an advantage as it means you won’t have to worry about loud barking or other disturbances.

You are also bound by your tenancy agreement when you rent an apartment, which can place restrictions on what you are allowed to do when it comes to decorating. It is extremely important to read any paperwork you are presented with before you sign on the dotted line, as you don’t want to be tied into any agreements that are disadvantageous to you in the long run.

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