Why You Should Consider Renting In Leamington Spa

Royal Leamington Spa – also commonly known as Leamington Spa – is a popular spa town in central Warwickshire, and is a particularly in demand choice with renters and property buyers due to the sheer range of properties and the standard of living in the area. The town is also a hub for a variety of industries, in particular the gaming industry in recent years.

The town is also popular with students from the nearby University of Warwick as a place to live and enjoy leisure activities, making ita melting pot of people from all walks of life. With that said, here are the top reasons why you to should consider renting in Leamington Spa.

The first reason to consider looking for houses for rent in Leamington Spa is that, despite the town’s relatively small size with a population of just under 50,000, there is a huge range of different properties available to suit all kinds of budgets and requirements. For those looking for one bedroom apartments to large house shares, there is truly an option for everyone.

On top of the range of accommodation available, the standard of property is generally exceptionally high in the area. On top of this, letting agents in the town do match the standard of accommodation on offer, meaning that those renting can expect an all round superior experience compared to renting in other locations.

Whereas some towns and cities can have high rental costs despite the poor level of accommodation on offer, with houses for rent in Leamington Spa you will, in the vast majority of cases, get value for money. Rent may be higher than in some of the more industrial areas of the country, but tenants will definitely get their money’s worth through the quality of property here.

Another reason why it is a great place to rent is that there are plenty of options for those on a budget, especially students. With nearby universities in both Warwick and Coventry, Leamington Spa has plenty of landlords looking to let houses to students and other people searching for house shares.

As can be imagined, prices are generally very low compared with renting an apartment or a bungalow for one, making a house share here excellent value for money. With the volume of students who choose to live here, house shares properties are abundant and rent prices very competitive.

In addition to the quality and range of its housing options, the town is also a fantastic place to rent due to the fantastic amenities and entertainment here. As a place that has flourished due to years of success with its manufacturing industry and now the digital and gaming industries, Leamington has a thriving local economy.

The town boasts plenty of options in the way of entertainment, dining, retail and nightlife venues, meaning that there is something for everyone, without having to travel further a field to cities such as Warwick. Even though there are many popular student haunts, the town still caters well to the diverse mix of people who live here.

A final reason why you should consider looking at houses for rent in Leamington Spa is that this charming town has excellent transport links to many places around the country, including London and Birmingham along with more local destinations such as the University of Warwick, Coventry and Kenilworth.

With the M40 and A46 just nearby, those commuting by car to work can find this a very convenient location to be based in. Similarly, Leamington has excellent connections by rail and by bus, and also has a well developed cycle way network in and around the town.

There are many great reasons why renting in Leamington Spa could be a great idea for you. Not only does this town have a high standard of living and a high standard of property, but it also boasts plenty of great amenities and entertainment options as well as a fantastic network of transport to both local and national destinations.

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