Why Is A House, Considered, REAL Estate?

Although, we, often, refer to the dream, of owning, a home, of one’s own, many of us, fail to fully consider, what doing so, actually, means, and represents. to you, personally, rather than, what others, prioritize, and/ or seem to care about! One fact, which should be, important, is, a house, is one, meaningful, form of owning, and possessing, real estate, and why, this experiencing is truly, REAL. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly review, consider, and explain, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters.

1. Relevant; responsibility; responds; region; research; real estate: Why do we call it, real estate? Of course, it is tangible, viable, and has a value, but, until/ unless, it becomes truly relevant, to you, and your needs, lifestyle, etc, it isn’t necessarily, right, for you! Are you ready, willing, and able, to take, and assume the responsibility of home ownership? How does, doing so, respond to you? Why do you wish to live in this particular, region, neighborhood, area, and specific block? Have you done your research, in order to make, the best decisions, for you, personally?

2. Empathy; emphasis; enrich; examine: Look objectively, and introspectively, in order to have as much understanding, about you, as you realize, you need, to have empathy, when others, are involved! Will your primary emphasis, be, keeping – up, with, the Jones’, or behaving responsibly, and doing what’s best, for you, in the longer – run? Will home ownership, enrich, your life experiences, and will you thoroughly examine, and consider, the best options and alternatives, for you?

3. Attitude; attention; aspirations; actions: Closely examine your personal attitude, and how, the stresses and strains, of home ownership, will impact you? Are you capable of fully, paying, attention, to the necessary details and responsibilities, and will it meet, and exceed, your aspirations? What actions are you willing to do, in order to become, a happy owner, of real estate?

4. Listen; learn; limitations; learning: Are you able to objectively, consider, your personal limitations, financially, and emotionally, and is it right, for you?Will you consistently, learn, from what others have experiences, and, discovered, in order to make the best decisions? Real estate becomes truly, real, only, when, you recognize, both the risks, as well as the rewards!

Smart home buyers, proceed, carefully, and with their eyes, wide – open, in order to make the right decisions, and ensuring, pleasure, rather than regret! Are you prepared, to be disciplined, etc?

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